Contactless Patient Identity Validation

Incidents where a patient is accidently treated with the wrong treatment plan are recurrently reported. For radiotherapy clinics facing increasing patient loads, every spared minute makes sense, but will also imply an increased risk of human errors.

cPatientTM is a patient identity validation system, tightly following C-RAD’s long-term tradition of creating user-friendly, contactless, optical solutions for the radiotherapy market, bringing about a wide range of new and innovative features and user values.

One of the fastest and most reliable biometric patient validation solutions

  • Face recognition based technology
  • Completed within 3 seconds
  • 1/million cases false rate
  • vs. finger print solution: 20 times higher accuracy*
  • Over 100 systems in use 

Contactless & markerless, NO Hygienic issue

  • Contactless during the whole workflow - NO Hygienic issue
  • vs. palm recognition: No sweating, patient would like to have palm on device

Clinical Efficiency

  • Fully compatible with customer daily workflow
  • Integrated in C-RAD solution
  • Patient data auto synchronization: Linac, Catalyst, cPati
  • Customer interlock

Selected specifications

Validation accuracy

  • P [true positive match] = 99.9999 %
  • P [false positive match] = 0.0001 % = 1 out of 1 million
  • P [false negative match] = 0.5% 

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