Comprehensive Visual Coaching Solutions

Deep inspiration breath hold (DIBH) Radiation therapy has been proved as an effective technology to reduce the irradiation on heart and lung volume, i.e. left breast cancer and Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Surface image guided radiotherapy with visual coaching improves the reproducibility and stability of the treatment.

C-RAD develops comprehensive Visual Coaching Solutions. Together with the leading Surface IGRT, it breaks the boundary to make Respiratory Gating Radiotherapy possible for every suitable patient.

C-RAD’s Visual Coaching Solutions could be used for both prospective (DIBH) and retrospective (Free Breathing) radiotherapy.

Visual Coaching Solution - Goggles

Wireless goggles for Respiratory Gating Treatment

  • Ease of use
  • Connected via Bluetooth
  • Gating window and baseline

Visual Coaching Solution - Tablet

Big screen tablet with holder

  • Contactless visual coaching
  • Connected via Bluetooth
  • Big and clear view

Visual Coaching Solution - Light Panel

Visual coaching based on room light

  • Integrated into room light
  • Integrated in C-RAD solution
  • Ease of use

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