C-RAD information regarding the COVID-19


Dear customers,

As you are aware, COVID-19 is causing tremendous impact across all aspects of daily life, these are truly unprecedented times.  We continue to monitor the spread of the Coronavirus Disease and extend our hope for the continued safety and health of our associates, customers, and partners around the world.  The C-Rad team is actively working to ensure the continuity of our services and commitment in helping you treat your cancer patients and in doing so, protect you and your employees.

Although each day brings news of more cancellations, travel restrictions, and challenges to each and every one of our daily lives, we know that as part of the healthcare community we must continue to press forward and never lose sight of the sacrifices our customers make daily in their fight against cancer.  We are humbled by the challenges you face in ensuring the continuity of your fight against cancer and protecting your patients.

We are here for you and where the applicable guidelines permit, C-Rad will continue to provide full support.

C-RAD has established guidelines in accordance with the WHO (World Health Organisation) for government information updates, as well as CDC recommendations. Please contact us with any concerns at info@c-rad.com.