Why Surface Guided Radiation Therapy?

A complete SGRT solution fulfills several requirements in delivering real-time image-guided radiation therapy:

  • During the simulation process, SGRT helps provide a patient-specific motion management and localization strategy. This is important for several reasons, but particularly when managing respiratory motion. If you are able to employ a SGRT strategy during simulation, a respiratory management solution can be proposed and tested before planning and before the patient is brought into the treatment room, which saves valuable treatment time.
  • SGRT-based positioning techniques help create a personalized treatment plan for the patient. When used in treatment planning, surface image-guided radiation therapy allows providers to develop plans where margins are more accurate to deliver a more precise dose to the patient’s tumor. In addition, because treatment can be better managed to avoid organs at risk, doses can be escalated in certain circumstances so fewer treatments are required.
  • At the treatment appointment, SGRT enables the patient to be quickly localized while potentially reducing non-therapeutic dose. By better knowing where the tumor is located during treatment with a real-time SGRT solution, providers can continually monitor the patient and make adjustments in as needed to ensure that the treatment is correctly delivered.

C-RAD offers a comprehensive, fully interactive SGRT workflow throughout the treatment process, ensuring more accurate treatments for improved results. Learn more.