Research Fellow Program

To maintain our leading position in the market, we have established direct clinical contacts with leading university hospitals and key players in radiation therapy worldwide. Our Research Fellow Program gives us the opportunity to evaluate and improve existing products and explore new ideas and technologies, together with leading researchers around the world. The goal is to improve cancer treatment and make a difference for our users and patients.

We currently maintain close ties and conduct research projects together with the following research-oriented hospitals:

  • Careggi, Florence University, Italy
  • COL Lille, France
  • Herlev Hospital, Denmark
  • SUS Lund, Sweden
  • Uppsala University Hospital, Sweden
  • San Antonio, Texas University, USA
  • Yale New Haven Hospital, New Haven, Connecticut, USA

C-RAD hosts regular symposia for the members at relevant international conferences. Additional agreements with major research hospitals in the US and China are under discussion.


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