C-RAD Advanced solution for Particle Therapy

Particle therapy (PT) is currently based on the use of protons or carbon ions for the treatment of deep-seated or radio-resistant tumors, as well as recurrent cases, which are known to lead to poor prognosis or counter-indications for photon treatments. An increasing interest has recently been observed in the number of cases and types of cancers.

As with photon therapy treatment, patient breathing as well as movement of the tumor or normal tissue can impact the clinical result by missing targets or causing extra dose distribution to normal tissue.

C-RAD offers a complete end-to-end Surface Image Guided Radiation Therapy (SIGRT) solution on PT from 4D CT to patient preparation pre-setup and all the way to online patient tracking during treatment delivery, thus ensuring the best possible treatment outcome without non-prescribed doses. The PT solution from C-RAD can be used for proton therapy and heavy ion therapy.

The C-RAD advanced PT solution includes:

  • End-to-end SIGRT Solution for PT

    Sentinel 4D CT can be used for breath-hold, deep inspiration and coached/free breathing modes, along with retrospective and prospective modes.
    Catalyst PT can be installed in a preparation room, where available, for pre-setup with immobilization devices. When treatment rooms are available, the patient can be moved to the treatment room.
    In the treatment room, only a fine-tuning of the patient position needs to be done. This workflow saves setup time in the treatment room effectively that improve the beam efficiency.
    Catalyst PT is integrated into the whole PT treatment workflow, from Setup and Positioning to Intra-Fraction Motion Monitoring to Respiratory Gating Treatment with submillimeter accuracy for non-coplanar treatment.
    Customized installation turnkey solution.
    Large patient surface coverage (1300x800x700mm) with interactive visual guidance via color map projected on patient body when setup.
    Auto couch correction in setup (WIP).
    Gating capability for beam control.
  • High level of patient safety and user confidence

    No markers on or around the patient
    Dose-free motion management
    Auto patient data retrieval
    Tracking of both thoracic and abdominal respiratory motion in parallel with virtual monitoring.
    Compliant to the immobilization devices and patient transportation system
  • Sophisticated software to streamline the workflow

    Catalyst PT can retrieve all data acquired by Sentinel from a central database and the same surface points and breathing curve will be automatically tracked in the treatment room at every fraction without manual intervention.
    Multi-vendor interfaces have been developed to ensure the seamless clinical workflow, i.e. IBA, Varian(WIP) and the co-developments are continuous.
  • Increasing productivity without compromising the treatment quality

    Non-rigid algorithm improves accuracy and speed of clinical application.
    Full workflow adaption to maximum the beam efficiency
    Highly integrated QA/QC procedure – Daily QC within 5 minutes
  • Selected specifications

  • Light projection

    Measuring light: 405 nm (near-invisible violet)
    Projection light: 528 nm (green), 624 nm (red)
  • Performance

    Scan volume (X * Y * Z): 800 mm x 1300 mm x 700 mm.
    Measurement reproducibility: 0.2 mm
    Long term stability: 0.3 mm
    Warm-up time: 30 minutes
    Frame rate: 200 frames/s
    Registration method: Real-time, non-rigid with deformable models for computing 6 DOF isocentric shifts
    Positioning accuracy: Within 0.5 mm for rigid body
    Motion detection accuracy: Within 0.5 mm
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