Patient Identity Validation


– Contactless Patient Identity Validation

Incidents where a patient is accidently treated with the wrong treatment plan are recurrently reported. For radiotherapy clinics facing increasing patient loads, every spared minute makes sense, but will also imply an increased risk of human errors.

cPatientTM is a patient identity validation system, tightly following C-RAD’s long-term tradition of creating user-friendly, contactless, optical solutions for the radiotherapy market, bringing about a wide range of new and innovative features and user values.

  • Work in progress. Not for sale in all markets.
  • Patient Dignity and Comfort

    • Marker-less and contactless optical detection protects the patient’s dignity and comfort.
  • Patient Integrity

    • Biometric facial recognition means the validation procedure is independent on skin color and hair style – it works for all patients!
    • cPatient™ adapts to the patient’s long-term physiognomic changes that might occur during several weeks of radiation treatment.

  • Clinical Efficiency

    • The entire validation process is executed in a few seconds.
    • As cPatient™ is integrated with C-RAD’s intuitive workflow, total treatment setup time will be decreased while at the same time safety and patient experience will be enhanced.
  • Staff Confidence

    • With the risk of treating a patient with the wrong treatment plan eliminated, the staff can spend more of their time and efforts on setup procedure and patient communication.
  • Patient Participation & Trust

    • Walking patients might perform the validation by themselves if they like, something that enhance many patients feeling of control and trust to their own treatment.
  • Selected specifications

    • Validation accuracy:
    - P [true positive match] = 99.9999 %
    - P [false positive match] = 0.0001 % = 1 out of 1 million
    - P [false negative match] = 0.5%
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