Steorotactic Radiation Therapy

The Catalyst™ HD for advanced stereotactic radiation therapy – using hypo fractions and higher dosages – appropriate for precise high-precision and ablative treatments. Three optimally mounted cameras for maximum patient coverage and accurate positioning during non-coplanar treatments. Intra-fraction motion detection increase the confident for the clinicians to permit maximum dose delivery within the target. Can be integrated with high-quality immobilization equipment for increased accuracy and maximum patient comfort. Overall there is no extra dose need for the clinical workflow.

  • Setup and Positioning

    During setup, the Catalyst™ HD system provides true interactive visual guidance from 360 degree around patienet by projecting information regarding the required adjustments directly onto the patient’s skin.

    This ensures that any significant posture and errors are eliminated early in the process, while these are still easy to correct.
  • Motion detection

    Once initial setup is completed, the Catalyst™ HD system will continue to monitor the patient’s posture and position during treatment. Large patient movements will immediately trigger an alarm and/or beam hold. The tolerance could be set up before the delivery manually or use the templates saved.

    The Catalyst™ HD system is also continuously calculating the isocentric shift, which enables the detection of slower movements such as the patient relaxing or gradually sliding out of position. These deviations are typically not possible to detect using only the conventional room camera systems.
  • Respiratory gating

    Respiratory gating is a proven method for minimizing the dose delivered to the healthy tissue while maximizing the dose to the treatment volume. In contrast with most other gating systems, the Catalyst™ HD system will monitor the respiratory motion without requiring any markers or fiducials to be placed on the patient. General patient motion is also monitored in parallel, thus ensuring maximum patient safety.
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