Stereotactic Radiation Therapy

Catalyst HD now has a new dedicated model for Stereotactic Radiation Therapy (SRT) that provides higher accuracy, workflow automation to improve patient safety, and improved hardware robustness.


  • Improve EFFICIENCY
  • Intuitive workflow

    The new workflow with its automated procedures has minimal impact on the clinical SRT workflow. The auto QA validation check and auto patient data retrieval minimize any human error to provide extra security to the patient. The Auto open-mask cutoff and high-resolution 3D imaging simplify the workflow with better surface image quality. The report generator records the status of setup and motion during treatment.
    Real time IGRT for Stereotactic delivery – beam hold capability
    Less chance for human error
    Integrate with immobilization devices, i.e. Open mask
    Improve efficiency
  • Improved high accuracy

    Accuracy is improved independently on gantry angle and couch rotation with high-resolution imaging, which is extremely important for non-coplanar delivery.
    Submillimeter clinical accuracy
    No compromise with non coplanar position
    Match Linac vendors’ requirement as IGRT modality
  • Integrated QA procedure

    A fast QA procedure and auto QA validation check make the QA process simple and easy. System stability has been improved to support the
    longer treatment times needed for stereotactic delivery.
    Integrated into the automatic workflow
    Easy of use
    Improve efficiency by reducing QA before every SRS case
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